How to Treat Your Carpet for Shedding

Shedding is a common problem in carpets. Carpets shed after you bring them home for the first time. There are different expensive types of carpets available for instance wool which will shed a lot in the beginning though they will be exceptionally durable after shedding. The problem of carpet shedding must be managed properly, or you will have to go for a clean-up all-around your home. In this blog, How to Treat Your Carpet for Shedding, we have shared some insights that may help you. 

What Is Carpet Shedding?

Carpet shedding is a process of the outward form on the carpet surface of loose fibre fragments abandoned during the manufacturing process. It cannot be taken as a defect but a feature that vanishes after carpet use and vacuuming. The reason for carpet shedding is poor fibre quality to low-quality construction with improper care. Shedding is normal up to some extent and the problem resolves on its own with regular vacuuming.

Below Are Some Best Methods To Use For Saving Your Carpet From Shedding:

  • Well Organized Vacuuming

Increase the level of vacuum cleaning of your carpet. Your carpet is not going to be vacuumed each day for the rest of its life, though you can vacuum it every day for at least the first week. Regular vacuuming can help you in the recovery of loose strands thrown out from your carpet before they gather. The strands will gather in your home and will act like dirt and debris on your carpet. A handheld attachment or a canister vacuum with good suction power will decrease shedding. A new carpet must be vacuumed every other day for the first week. New installations shed seriously before decline over time.

  • Carpet Raking

It is a great way to make your carpet look fresh and healthy. It eliminates the deeply settled dirt and debris. Raking helps in dealing with the extra shedding of the carpets. It also removes the extra fibres from the carpet without damaging it.

Raking your carpet before vacuuming will help in loosening debris and fibres for better results before vacuuming. You can also perform raking of your carpet before a thorough cleaning process to get its original glory back.

  • Look At Your Carpet Warranty

Most of the carpets are not able to cover shedding. If your carpet Is facing outrageous, and long time shedding, even if you follow the expert cleaning procedure. Then the issue is with the poor quality of the carpet. Though most carpet warranties do not cover the shedding still you can check once. If the uncontrolled or prolonged carpet shedding is covered by the warranty from your retailer, then they will replace your carpet. If there are some issues with the installer or retailer then directly contact the manufacturer.

  • Cleaning By Experts

The carpet of your home experiences the most traffic out of all furnishings. It is essential to keep the home clean and well organized to keep it looking like new. A professional cleaning will increase the lifespan of the carpet as well as stop the shedding. Get your carpets professionally cleaned once or twice a year depending on the amount of foot traffic in your home. 

A professional cleaning will make the repairing and maintenance of the shedding carpet easy. 

So, you have many choices before you when Your Carpet Is Shedding. If you can follow any of them, so good and so well. Else, you can call carpet cleaning experts for help.